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Music and people

I find more and more when I pull out a cd from my collection that bands/performers/albums always connect me with people from my past and my present...

At present, the most vivid and emotive to me.

tegan and sara: remind me of "you"...of a late night car trip between newcastle and sydney, sleepy days under madoona, tangled fleece, falling in love on a blue couch, the smells of amercia and bath and body works, care packages in the mail and tears whenever i hear "your number"

moloko: reminds me of "you"... singing out loud in your room, the smells of your candles and incense I can never remember the name of, laughing out loud with mugs of chai warming our hands, the warmth of your energy and your smile, and of course...schnappes in summer.

ani di franco: reminds me of "you"... a voyage of discovery, listening to you sing her songs to me as I dozed in your/our bed, 'growing up' and hitting the scene, the ways you danced in that weird rotational way with your tongue in your first adult love.

lamb: reminds me of "you"... learning to re-evaluate my ideals of life and love, challening every norm I had grown accustomed to, allowing myself to leap when never before had I been so terrified, a tumultuous journey that is yet to end...

hooverphonic: remind me of "you"... just one song, i searched for the album to burn it on cd for you, the emotions that surface and prickle my skin, hours online frantically hoping for mail, late night and early phone conversations..that ran for hours, self portraits and those piercing blue eyes, something just waiting to blossom...

random entry I know...but i'm in one of those moods today.
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