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undergarment dilemma

over chai and an LSD (not acid my friends) in a cafe
we discussed (among other things)
the origin of "panties"
Amy is CONVINCED North Americans and canadians say panties
Boxers are boxers worldwide, that's an absolute given

Amy and Sam and I *love* the word panties, if anything as a novelty just sounds sexier.

In Australia we call them undies
In England we call them knickers

what do you call them?
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Depends on who i'm talking to, either panties or undies.
Jocks if it's the kids.
My family all say knickers (must be the fact they're all brits) and for some reason I hate the word.

And the word panties is up there on the list of words that grosses me out. The other words:

i agreee with you tottally moist is one to 4 me!
well, i wear man panties.
i call them 'manties'.
Hey dude, it's Melodie here, (fencer) Dave's gf. I was browsing journals randomly and I realised I know you :) Don't know if you check this often, but thought I'd say hi anyway :)