blue eyed boi (chuckstah) wrote,
blue eyed boi

grrl flies out in 45 minutes
one week in singapore to fence a world cup
i envy the travel and wish work and finances would permit me to fly away as well
maybe after my trips next year my frequent flyers will allow me a short break to visit overseas friends

she gets sad when she leaves
"its only 6 days"
I can't begin to imagine what kind of state she will be in when she packs to leave for 4 months
My plans had been to meet her in Portland at the end of the year...
I'm not so sure now
My masters next year will be full fees up front, thats $3,600 a semester plus textbooks and we will need a second computer at home. That was my trip to the states and then to Europe after - goodbye my round the world ticket..hello first semester 2006!

My heart and my hopes have dreamt of a trip to Portland for many many months
If it's meant to happen I am sure I can make it happen...

This week while i am alone
mixed cds to burn
letters to write
a huge bed all to myself!
hours online no doubt
nights with friends flirting
ah, the pseudo single life!
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